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Individually designed and personalised angel keepsakes  

Price AUD$75.00

Price AUD$75.00


Price AUD$70.00

Price AUD$75.00

 "An  angel  in  the  book  of  life  wrote  down  my  baby's  birth.
Then  whispered  as  she  closed  the  book  "too  beautiful  for  earth"
                                                                                         Author unknown


Keepsake set for angel  Ellis Aymiee Set PriceAUD$100.00

Silk romper keepsake  for angel Lachlan   Price AUD$75.00 


Footsteps two rompers with hats PriceAUD$110.00


Footsteps set of two identical silk gowns Price AUD$110.00

  "A  heart  of  gold  stopped  beating, two  willing  hands  at  rest .
   God  broke our  hearts  to  prove  to  us  He only  takes  the  best ."